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Gillian Burton: Multimedia Artist

Award-winning artist, Gillian Burton, was born in England. Constable County, the Lake District, the marshes of East Anglia and the Southwest of Arthurian Legends were all part of her earliest memories and infused her imagination.  

Gillian's exposure to arts and crafts happened at an early age. Her mother designed and made tapestries for a local church that were still in situ as of 2005.  Her father was a photographer who exhibited with the Royal Photographic Society.

Ever creative, Gillian paints the things she loves, often without reference. Her paintings reflect back on her life. Gillian's work is fluid and loose and demonstrates her love of shape and design.

Gillian Burton’s artwork has been displayed throughout Central Oregon. Burton is a Commissioner on the Redmond Commission for Art in Public Places (RCAPP). 

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Shari Crandall: Multimedia Artist

Shari Crandall cannot remember when she hasn’t been creating “something.” To Shari, artistic expression is a form of meditation where she loses Self in that place of “time beyond time” and is surprised when hours have passed when she thought it only minutes. 

Before moving to and exhibiting art in Central Oregon, Shari’s paintings were juried and displayed in the Metro Washington, DC area. 

Shari currently sits on the board for Art in the High Desert, is a member of SageBrushers Art Society, and serves on the Friends of Redmond Oregon Art Committee.

The artist now lives in Redmond, Oregon with her husband, Steve, and their dog, Kelso.

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Shandel Gamer: Multimedia Artist

Shandel Gamer can't remember a time when she wasn't drawing or painting. However, her serious interest in art began in high school. 
Originally a portrait painter, Shandel branched out to wildlife, particularly birds, after an injury to her hands and wrists forced her to alter her painting style. 

In 2011, Shandel relocated to Central Oregon. The move had a profound effect--opening up new avenues for Ms. Gamer to express herself artistically. This change gave rise to Shandel’s series of mixed media paintings which combine non-traditional colors with traditional wildlife images.  More recently, Shandel has added photography as a way to express her love for her life in Central Oregon. 

Shandel’s paintings, prints and photographs are in collections in both the United States and Canada.

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Roz Gamer: Photographer

Roz Gamer moved to Central Oregon in 2013 from Houston, Texas. Having retired after a long career in the dental world, Roz began looking for a new creative outlet.  She found this as the President and Bookshop Manager for the Friends of the Redmond Library.

Roz has always been interested in photography as a medium, but her volunteer hours, running the Friends, left her little time to pursue her other interests. Recently, she felt it was time to move forward with her desire to publish and display her photographs. Roz was thrilled to have her first photo submission accepted into the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon exhibition “All About Trees.”

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Kay Larkin: Photographer

Enthusiasm with art and photography led me to take many photography classes in middle school, high school, and college. After college I pursued a career in Biology and my extensive use of photo-microscopy required that I continue to develop photography skills, including digital and three-dimensional imaging. During this time I had many images published in scientific journals and thousands utilized for clinical diagnoses.

I am an experimentalist by nature and like to explore relationships of subjects and their shadows and other optical phenomena.  

My purpose is to share the joy I find in the beauty that surrounds us all.

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Joan Ouchida: Multimedia Artist

Joan Ouchida was born in Alaska and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. As a child she was very interested in art and was always creating. Joan attended art school in Portland, Oregon, and chose graphic design as a career. She worked many years as a professional graphic designer, supervisory art director, space planner and interpretive exhibit designer. Although working full time during those years, she always found time for creative personal projects.

Now living in Central Oregon, Joan continues to free-lance, specializing in design of interpretive exhibits and publications as well as consulting on interpretive media, communication graphics, space utilization and event planning.

In 2008 she decided to devote more time to the arts and crafts. She finds great pleasure in artistic pursuits, such as custom seamstress, photographer, craftsperson, and artistic consultant. 

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Carol Picknell: Multimedia Artist

L.C. (Carol) Picknell was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the base of Pikes Peak right by the Garden of the Gods. “What awesome beauty to hold in my memories.”

Carol presently lives in Redmond in Central Oregon and wakes every morning to a view of the Three Sisters. She paints landscapes, seascapes and friends. She spends most of her spare time trying to capture the beauty and light she sees through paint, crayons, yarn, thread and textiles.  

Several years ago, Carol began plein air (painting outside) painting in oils and acrylic.  She also works with photos which she takes on site. 

Carol belongs to The Plein Air Painters of Oregon, Sagebrushers Art Society, Oil Painters of America and Umpqua Valley Arts Association.

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Timm Picknell: Photographer

Timm Picknell is a self-taught photographer who began taking photographs over forty years ago. 

At work, Timm was always surrounded by nature. He started taking photos to share his daily experiences in the woods with his family and friends.  Photographs of sunsets, sunrises, waterfalls, mountains and animals caught in their natural surroundings followed. 

Timm started with a Kodak Brownie and progressed to his present Nikon camera. Changing with the times, he now uses a digital point and shoot. The cameras come and go, but Timm’s interest in sharing the outdoors has not. 

Timm photographs the sights that inspire him.  He hopes that others can feel the joy, sights and feelings that he experiences in his daily life at work and at play. 

Timm exhibits his photographs in many locations throughout Central Oregon.

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Linda Shelton: Multimedia Artist

Linda Shelton grew up on a ranch in South Central Washington.  Since youth, she has been intrigued with how to transfer images, whether real or imaginary, from the mind’s eye to paper.  After earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a minor in Art from Central Washington State College, Shelton joined United Airlines as a flight attendant.  During her 30 year airline adventure, Linda experimented in many different art media . . . joyfully discovering what each amazing world had to offer. Although watercolor is her favorite, Linda continues to explore all art media in many projects from cork boards to Chairs for Charity and everything in between. 

Linda’s works are in collections in Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

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Jill Tucker: Photographer

Jill Tucker arrived in Central Oregon in June 2011 with her six cats.

It made for a very memorable journey! 

Since retiring after nearly thirty years as an Adult Education teacher and Adjunct Community College Instructor, Jill has been enjoying her time in Central Oregon.

Jill's days are spent reading, feeding her birds, working as a volunteer on the Friends of Redmond and, most importantly, taking photographs of Central Oregon.

Having taken up the camera when she retired, Jill has proved be to a talented photographer with a unique vision all her own.  

Jill's photographs may be viewed in many locations throughout Central Oregon.

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Gary Wing: Photographer

Gary Wing grew up in western Montana, and it was there in the Rocky Mountains he developed a love of the outdoors, either hiking or riding his horse in the mountains behind his house. Moving to Redmond in 1959 and graduating from Redmond Union High School in 1964, he developed a passion for the desert country and the Cascade Range. 

After graduating from OSU, Wing had a career as a biologist and also worked as a ranch manager. Retiring in 2011, he returned to his passion for photography, which he had begun in the 70’s, but could never find time for. He combines his photographic work with his wood working skills and produces all his own wood frames. 

Wing mainly enjoys the challenge of photographing birds, but also enjoys macro and landscape photography.

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Linda Ziegenhagen: Photographer

Linda Ziegenhagen retired after 32 years of teaching with the Redmond school district.  After retirement, Linda was free to commit full-time to her interest in photography.  A published photographer, Linda has images that have been selected for inclusion in the Klamath Falls Winter Wings calendar and by the National AAUW as part of a stationery-set fundraising project. 

Ziegenhagen exhibits her photographs throughout Central Oregon where she has been both a featured and solo photographer.  Linda currently exhibits her work throughout Central Oregon and exhibits her photographs and frames year-round in Henry’s Deli at Maupin, OR, the Bend Senior Center and in the Bend Library’s Gift Store.  

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